Tuesday , February 7 2023

Chick Fil a Jobs Openings – Lead Full Stack Java Developer

Website Chick-fil-A

Job Description:

This team works with the Pricing Application for CFA. This is a fullstack application, Postgress DB on the backend, javaspring boot deployed to elastic beanstalk. This would be 50/50 development work and lead work, work with product owners and other engineers to make sure they are delivering product.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing PR’s and in a bug situation, understanding who that needs to be handed off too (FE or BE)
  • Collaborator, communicator, BA’s and PO’s utilize a lead to break down what work order things can happen in, leads get consulted for guidance on how long things will take to implement, maybe a little bit of scrum and deliverable work (ex. Are you on track timeline wise?)
  • Requirements are not always super clear but this lead needs to be able to drive clarity around these requirements, have backbone to say “what do we really need to deliver”
  • Facilitator, day to day, helping onboarding when adding people (making requests, getting access, setting up tools, getting machines going)
  • Coordinate across UI, backend and SRE, manage their own relational database– need to be jack of all trades– understand how they all connect and get each person engaged, intuition to ask the right person, make sure infrastructure is in place for them to get done what they need to get done

Job Requirements:

  • Strong experience with: RDBMS including SQL and PostgreSQL, Java, Springboot
  • Understanding of repository navigation
  • 7+ years as a Full Stack Developer
  • Highly collaborative. Capable of giving and taking feedback with multiple parties, internal users, and business units
  • Experience with product teams, delivering data to a lot of endpoints, understand application lifecycle management, understanding agile process (coaching team on agile)
  • AWS (Github Actions, Cloud Formation, Elastic Beanstalk)
  • Java 11, spring, postgress (understanding elastic beanstalk)
  • Database is not extremly complex but need strong sql, written applications in sql, there is no DBA team to come in and help so this team needs to build the tables and understand angular applications and how they fit in with backend
  • Great problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Understand AWS (github actions, cloud formation) this application stays very current but the lead needs to challenge where they are at and growing where they are and presenting that to BA’s

Job Details:

Company:  Chick-fil-A

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Portsmouth, VA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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